Callisto Protocol Does Not Have New Game Plus or Chapter Select

Update: It has just been announced that the game will receive New Game Plus in February 2023.

It’s already December 2nd in much of the world, which means the embargo has lifted and folks are free to share information about The Callisto Protocol. One unfortunate piece of news that’s been revealed today involves the game’s features: New Game Plus will not be an option in the game, nor will players be able to select previously played chapters.

While it hasn’t exactly become industry standard, many games now offer the chance to enter New Game Plus (NG+) once the end credits roll. This allows players to take their hard-earned XP and gear into a brand new play-through. It always sucks getting an awesome weapon and only being able to use it on the last level, so NG+ side-steps that issue by making it possible to replay the game with end-game gear and abilities. Some games even gate some equipment behind NG+, although these are often simply upgrades of previously-available weapons and armor. Sadly, this won’t be possible in The Callisto Protocol — guides and walkthroughs published today specifically mention that there’s no option to replay the game once you finish the final level.

Additionally, TCP does not have a level-select menu, so there’s no opportunity to easily go back and replay specific levels you enjoyed. However, manual saves are available, so you can create a save at the start of each level to make your own Chapter Select. Additionally, using manual saves is also a good way to farm achievements.

We’re still impatiently waiting to get our hands on the game here in North America — The Callisto Protocol releases at midnight on December 2nd, so when the clock strikes 12 where you live, you’ll be able to play! The game is currently available to download ahead of time, so folks with slower internet connections should start it ASAP.

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