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Shiro Games’ mercenary RPG Wartales left early access earlier this week, inviting us to explore a gritty fantasy world as a band of mercenaries looking to survive while accumulating riches and glory. And if you’d like to know whether the game’s release version is worth your time, you can now find a few reviews for it below:

PC Gamer 83/100:

That said, the mercs who you recruit, train, eat with, sleep with, explore with, and fight alongside will be burned into your brain forever. Wartales may not be the flashiest or most accessible game around, but persistence will enrich you with the most valuable currency any game can provide: memories.

Rock Paper Shotgun Scoreless:

And this here is sort of the key to Wartales, I think. It feels consistent. It’s workmanlike without being uninspired, fascinating without being flashy. It’s like a loveable cockney chimney sweep with a sparkle in its eye. It might be too mundane to scratch the itch for high adventure, but if you’re feverish for a grounded low fantasy ramble with the occasional giant rat, Wartales will cure ya. Also, apropos of nothing: I still haven’t played Battle Brothers yet, so I don’t know. Go away.

NME 3/5:

In a sense, Wartales misses the mark of an easy recommendation in two ways. Its slightly inspired variations on the CRPG norm would be enough, if only the finished product was solidly built and free of any glaring holes. On the other hand, a few rough edges would be easier to overlook if something in Wartales’s tangle of systems was truly revelatory. Instead, it falls into an awkward middle ground where it isn’t quite reliable enough to be a surefire appetizer for genre fans awaiting Baldur’s Gate 3, and isn’t quite unusual enough to be mistaken as either a visionary evolution or an exciting excursion into the RPG weeds.

Turn Based Lovers Scoreless:

I know I will spend many more hours in the world of Wartales. I can’t wait to see what else lies ahead for my band of mercenaries and where their story leads me. If you are an RPG fan or even a turn-based fan in general, definitely give Wartales a try.

WhatIfGaming 8/10:

Manage a band of companions and explore the vast world of Wartales. Recruit different mercenaries from different regions and create the best roster of fighters and become a well-known force to be reckoned with. Be an ambitious adventurer or a most wanted outlaw. This is an RPG sandbox game that every medieval strategist has ever dreamed of playing.

Softpedia 8.5/10:

All in all, Wartales offers enough variation and strategy layers to make the journey not just enjoyable, but also challenging and rewarding. If you liked Battle Brothers, you’re going to love Wartales.

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