AMD Announces “Technical Partnership” with The Callisto Protocol, Promises Incredible 4k Performance

At AMD’s latest “together we advance_gaming” event, the company announced a technical partnership with the developers of the The Callisto Protocol. The partnership, meant to ensure that The Callisto Protocol takes full advantage of AMD’s new RDNA 3-power 7900 series of graphics cards, was revealed with some new, breathtaking footage of the game, as well as a list of graphical features to expect with the title (provided you have a computer that can handle it).

The graphical features were mentioned alongside footage of the game running on AMD’s new RX 7900 XTX graphics care, and they were truly mind blowing. AMD’s Scott Herkelman, who delivered the good news, made sure to highlight in his speech various highlights that The Callisto Protocol’s maximum graphics settings would demonstrate, including next-generation ray tracing, unbelievable lighting and shadow effects, and “movie-quality” textures and animations.

But they had more than just Herkelman’s words to back it up, as some brief gameplay footage was shown in the background during Herkelman’s speech. While the clip played was short, and the 1080p resolution of the stream ironically made it impossible to see how truly incredible the game will look, some of what was present was jaw-dropping, such the incredible detail on protagonist Jacob Lee’s face. I mean… Look at it:

callisto protocol lilfelike face

My brain still refuses to believe that isn’t a real, human face from a live recording. And that wasn’t the only impressive part of the reveal, either, as we got a good chance to see how lighting and animation will look, at the highest settings.

And, thanks to the technical partnership with the game and AMD, it will even be possible to run this game at “incredible” framerates “even at 4k and higher” resolutions, so long as you use one of their freshly-announced RX 7900 series graphics cards. Other AMD cards were also promised high performance and fidelity, ensuring that The Callisto Protocol will look its bloody best when it releases next month on December 2nd.

amd calliso john carpenter
Seriously, you’re telling me this isn’t a shot from a John Carpenter movie?

This announcement just confirms my suspicion that The Callisto Protocol might end up being the best-looking (and most realistic-looking) horror game of all time. I can’t wait to watch Jacob’s perfectly lifelike face be torn apart in crisp, high-framerate 4k. So long as I can get my hands on a next-gen AMD graphics card, that is…

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