Stray Gameplay Walkthrough Reveals Robotic Companion

Since its announcement back in June 2020, there hasn’t been much information about Stray other than that we could play as a cat and that we’d be trying to escape a mysterious city. This has finally been rectified, with Annapurna releasing a new video on the game, where we get our first look at some gameplay, while the game’s producer Swann explains some of the mechanics.

From what we can see, it looks like a big focus on the game will be navigating through the cybercity and solving puzzles. You will use objects such as buckets to block and brake obstacles, and jump across platforms. It also seems that based on the trailer, most if not all the robotic citizens of this city will be friendly towards you, and you can even interact with them in various ways.

There will be dangers to look out for, however. Throughout the trailer, we can see slug-like creatures that will try to swarm on the cat. You can shake them off if some get on you, but you will have to use speed and your environment to prevent them from completely overwhelming you.

stray enemies

It also looks like we can see how health will be tracked in Stray. While the cat is being attacked by the creatures, we can see the screen getting more and more red, while the color returns once he’s safe and has had some time to recover.

One of the biggest reveals is that at some point in the game, the cat will gain a companion with the drone B-12. This drone will be extremely helpful in your quest to escape this city, as it can interact with certain objects, store inventory for you, and even help you communicate with the citizens. It also appears that you will be able to give B-12 upgrades. One of these upgrades looks like an ultraviolet light that you can activate, which can destroy the slug creatures that are after you.

stray b 12

From what we’ve seen in this gameplay walkthrough, Stray looks like it will be a very fun adventure game! Since its original announcement, the release date has been pushed back to early 2022. Hopefully during that time, we can get some more information on the gameplay (such as if there will be more enemies to watch out for) and the story of the game.

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