The Skyrim Forgotten City Mod Promises To Be Spectacular

The Skyrim Forgotten City mod is launching this October.

It’s no secret that mods are one of the things that makes Skyrim so endearing. Despite the game’s age, the modding community helps keep Skyrim relevant and fun to play.

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Skyrim Forgotten City Mod

Planned for an October 2015 launch, the Skyrim Forgotten City mod will make its debut on Steam and ModDB. The mod itself is more of a game expansion, taking players on an epic journey through a lost, thousand year old Dwarven city.

the forgotten city mod
An epic journey awaits you in The Forgotten City.

If that doesn’t sound awesome enough, players will be tasked with traveling through time to solve a mysterious murder. According to the mod’s developers:

The Forgotten City is a lore-friendly expansion to Skyrim with a dark, non-linear story in which you’ll discover and explore an ancient underground city. At its core is an epic murder mystery, requiring you to explore, interrogate suspects, fight new enemies, and even travel back and forwards in time. It has over 1200 lines of dialogue and 30 interactive characters, and several very different endings depending on the decisions you make.


The Skyrim Forgotten City mod will feature:

  • A brand new, underground city to explore.
  • A non-linear story with several possible endings.
  • 30 characters to interact with.
  • Over 1,200 lines of dialogue from a global cast of voice actors.

The mod will only require the base game to play (the Skyrim DLC expansions aren’t required). In addition, the mod is designed for any level of player.

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More Information

To learn more about The Forgotten City, please visit the ModDB page here. You can also watch the following presentation video to get a firsthand look at the captivating scenery, and see how spectacular this mod appears.

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