Skyrim Foxes Are More Useful Than You Think

skyrim foxes

Skyrim foxes are very useful creatures, but are often overlooked in the game.

You’re walking along one of the many paths in Skyrim when you see a fox scamper by. You kill it, or let it go; but following it may be the last thing that comes to mind. Next time, don’t let it go; Skyrim foxes are more unique and special than you think. Read on if you want to know why!

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Skyrim Foxes

Foxes are among the many overlooked things in Skyrim, and to most people, are another thing in the game that has no meaning. But that is incorrect; Skyrim foxes can be very useful if you are in need of some gold! When you’re bored, start up Skyrim and go out to see if you can find a fox. Once you spot one, follow it for as long as you can. They’ll almost always stop at special locations, and you’re bound to get something. Below are some loot items you may come across.

  • Sometimes a Skyrim fox will stop and sniff at a treasure map on the ground.
  • They could lead you to unmarked locations on the map (e.g.,  a small bandit camp).
  • You can find weapons, staffs, chests, and other awesome loot that are great for selling!

Also, I recommend not tracking these little fellas on a horse…they like to go down steep surfaces and may not end well for your noble steed. But anyway, what are you waiting for? Go follow a Skyrim fox and have fun! Tell me some things you find or have found using this neat little trick. Thanks for reading.

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