Is Skyrim DLC Coming Soon?

skyrim dlcWithout a doubt, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the highest critically acclaimed RPG games ever released for the PC and modern gaming consoles, receiving an amazing 9.5 IGN score. It’s rare for a game to achieve a 9.0, let alone a 9.5 and be given an “Editor’s Choice” ranking. So how about it? Is Skyrim really that good? You betcha!

The Skyrim RPG has captured the imaginations of millions of gamers worldwide. Like most fantasy RPG games, Skyrim allows a player to create their own unique character in order to complete adventures and quests. A player begins by choosing their character’s race (there are ten to choose from), and special racial powers, skills, and spells are granted. There are no set “classes” in Skyrim, rather players are given the freedom to play the game however they wish. Like magic? One can pursue the mystic arts and improve their mage abilities. How about fighting? Train your character in one-handed and two-handed attacks and eventually none will dare stand before you. How about thieving? A player can emphasize their character’s sneak and lock picking abilities and become one with the shadows. As players progress through Skyrim their characters can “level up” based on the amount of experience they gain throughout the course of the game.

Character creation and development is all well and good, but what makes Skyrim a totally amazing RPG experience is the huge world players can explore. The game is an “open world sandbox,” and players are free to travel wherever they desire — whenever they desire. The world of Skyrim is vast and beautiful. Unlike popular role playing games like the Mass Effect series, game events aren’t linear in nature — you won’t find cinematic cut sequences, and players are given unparalleled freedom of movement and freedom of choice. Granted, there is a main storyline, but their are over 400 side quests that will keep gamers entertained for hundreds of hours.

Skyrim DLC

Despite the epic world of Skyrim and its hundreds of hours of game play, fans are still hungry for more and are eagerly awaiting the first Skyrim DLC release. While no definitive date has been released, rumors are that a game expansion is coming soon. Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda (the game’s publisher), recently filed a trademark application for downloadable content entitled “Dawnguard.” You can read about the rumor here. Whether or not “Dawnguard” will prove to be the first Skyrim DLC released is yet to be seen, but rest assured DLC is coming. For Skyrim fans this is wonderful news. It’s hard to believe, but the world of Skyrim is soon to be become a whole lot bigger.

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Shane Scarbrough
Shane Scarbrough

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