Skyrim Creation Kit Unlikely to Launch with Game

Skyrim Creation KitMaybe a tiny disappointment for PC players who want to mod Skyrim. Director Todd Howard is now saying that–unless the planets align on 11.11.11–we probably won’t see the Skyrim Creation Kit until after Skyrim’s launch.

“We put a big premium on our editor,” he told Gamasutra, “which we then ship with the games. It’s going to come out again with Skyrim, the creation kit. So when it comes to content creation, we just have so much of it that we have to put a lot of development time into the tools, because the game is so big.”

But while Howard can’t guarantee that the kit will drop the same day as Elder Scrolls V, the download “will be very close” thereafter.

Skyrim launches November 11th, 2011, for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Skyrim Creation Kit to follow…

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Erik The Wanderer
Erik The Wanderer

Erik The Wanderer has been playing the Elder Scrolls video games ever since he purchased Elder Scrolls I: Arena from a Babbage's retail store way back in 1994. He can't remember how much he paid for the game, but knows he's been hooked on adventuring in Tamriel ever since.

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