The One Trick Every Skyrim Archer Needs To Know

skyrim archer

Use this Skyrim archer trick to fill your quiver with high quality arrows.

In my very first Skyrim  playthrough, I opted for a Spellsword build — a heavily armored, sword wielding tank not afraid to launch a fire ball or two when the going got tough. My hack-and-slash/destructive magic play style left no room for archery skills, and I completely shunned bows altogether. It wasn’t until my second playthrough as a Thief that I discovered the bow and how to become a deadly Skyrim archer.

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Needing An Edge In Combat

As a general rule, I don’t use cheats or tricks in Skyrim, preferring instead to let the game progress naturally. With that said,  I found myself woefully underpowered during my early days of thieving and needed an edge in combat against Hagravens, Frost Trolls and the like.

The few high quality arrows I had in my quiver were quickly spent whenever I faced a tough opponent, and the plentiful Iron Arrows at hand just weren’t getting the job done. Money is tight in the early stages of the game, and there never seemed to be enough coin to buy the Dwarven and Elven arrows I craved.

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Skyrim Archer Trick

To compensate for my lack of combat strength, I turned to the one trick every Skyrim archer needs to know — that is the “infinite arrow trick.” Now this trick has been around for a long time, but it bears repeating for new Skyrim players looking for an edge in combat. Basically, you’ll never be at a loss for high quality arrows during your adventures:

  1. Find a Skyrim archer in the game shooting arrows at a target dummy. The archer will be using low quality arrows to practice their shots.
  2. Pickpocket the archer’s arrows, and replace them with a single high quality arrow from your inventory.
  3. The Skyrim archer will now begin to fill the target dummy with multiples of the replacement arrow.
  4. Gather the high quality arrows from the target dummy and your bow will thank you the next time you have to face a Draugr Deathlord.

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