New Skyrim Cheat Allows Infinite Armor Enchants

new skyrim cheat

A newly discovered Skyrim cheat allows for infinite armor enchants.

What’s the old saying? Cheaters never prosper? Well in Skyrim, this proverb isn’t necessarily true. A simple Google search for “Skyrim cheats” will turn up tons of links devoted to the many cheats, secrets and exploits found throughout the game. Being Dragonborn isn’t an easy job after all, and sometimes it’s just plain fun (and prosperous) to slant the playing field in your character’s favor.

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New Skyrim Cheat

Recently, a Skyrim Fansite reader named Caleb J. contacted us about a new Skyrim cheat he discovered while playing the game. According to Caleb, this is a new exploit not found anywhere online. This cheat allows players who have the Dragonborn DLC expansion installed to get infinite armor enchants (the Dragonborn DLC can be purchased separately, and is also included as part of the Skyrim Legendary Edition).

The Skyrim cheat steps are as follows:

1. Get abundant amount of gold quicksilver and soul gems
2. Make set of Nordic armor excluding boots and gloves (cultlust boots and gloves can be enchanted, once you install DLC they will spawn and attack you)
3. Enchant armor and put it on
4. Get to save point
5. Quit game
6. Uninstall the Dragonborn DLC
7. Re-enter game
8 . Save again
9 . Exit game
10. Reinstall Dragonborn DLC
11. Enter game
When you do this it takes away the armor but you keep the enchants that were on it.

Final Thoughts

Thanks Caleb for sharing your new Skyrim cheat with our readers! We really appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

So how about it fellow Skyrim fans — do you have any cheats you’d like to share? Contact us or share your favorites in the Speak Your Mind section below.

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