Farkas Would Make an Awesome Neighbor


In our latest Skyrim Fansite poll, we asked what NPC would make an awesome neighbor. According to the poll results, Farkas came out on top with 26% of the vote. So what is it about Farkas that makes him good neighbor material? Is he the kind of guy who picks up after his dog or keeps the music turned down on a Saturday night? The poll doesn’t reveal exactly why Farkas would make an awesome neighbor, but we have a few ideas.


If you’re not familiar with Farkas, just head on over to Jorrvaskr in Whiterun and you’ll soon make his acquaintance. Farkas is a big, strapping Nord and one of the Companions. If you decide to join the Companions he’ll become your shield-brother and help you on one of your first quests. He offers training in Heavy Armor if you’re so inclined, and  he can become a Follower later in the game. Farkas is also one of the marriage candidates in Skyrim (for more information on getting married in Skyrim check out The Easy Way To Get Married In Skyrim).

Awesome Neighbor Material

After meeting Farkas, it’s hard not to like the big guy. His heart is as big as his biceps, and he’s one of the few Companions that is friendly towards the Dragonborn at the early stages of the game. He’s not only kindhearted, but loyal to his friends as well. With his Skyforge greatsword in hand, Farkas has your back as you adventure in the darkest dungeons.

Honesty and humility are two additional traits that make Farkas so endearing. He’s plain-spoken and direct when he speaks with you, and admits to his shortcomings — namely a fear of Frost Spiders. He’s uncomplicated and a pleasant guy to be around.

To summarize, Farkas is awesome neighbor material because:

  1. He’s friendly
  2. He’s loyal
  3. He’s honest
  4. He’s humble

Farkas is the kind of guy who would make a great Neighborhood Watch captain, or a soccer coach for the kids after school. And as our latest poll results show, nice guys do finish first.

Final Thoughts

So how about it? Do you have an opinion on Farkas, and do you believe that he’d make an awesome neighbor? Share your thoughts in the Speak Your Mind section below, and consider subscribing to the Skyrim Fansite if you want to be alerted to new posts. Until next time!

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