Best Skyrim Mage House

Having the ability to own a house in Skyrim is one of the features that helps make the game an immersive role playing experience. When Skyrim was first released, players could only purchase existing houses in some of the province’s major cities. Players were granted more housing options with the release of the Hearthfire DLC expansion, and the construction of houses became possible (see the Skyrim Fansite guide Build a House in Skyrim in 5 Easy Steps for more information). Even with the release of Hearthfire, some players still weren’t satisfied with Skyrim’s housing situation, and took it upon themselves to mod the game to build the house of their dreams. Prepare to be amazed as we take a look at one of these brilliant mods, and tour the game’s best Skyrim mage house.

Best Skyrim Mage House

To find the best Skyrim mage house, you have to look no further than McLinorama’s My Mage Cottage, available for download on both Nexus and Steam. This house looks absolutely stunning, and is different from any of the stock houses or builds available on Skyrim. Designed with a romantic flair in mind, My Mage Cottage is  reminiscent of an Italian villa and is the perfect house for mages looking to get away to practice their enchanting and alchemy in peace. The house is situated on the waterfront directly across from the Solitude Lumber Mill (the house appears under the name “Sorchalla’s Cottage” on the map), and has many great features including:

  • Alchemy table
  • Enchanter table
  • Chopping block
  • Smelter
  • Forge
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Study
  • Central area with statue and fish pool

To add to the magical aura, the central area is filled with butterflies by day, and fireflies by night. Arguably the best looking feature though is the bedroom’s fireplace with its golden statue of Dibella and magic blue flames. The house doesn’t feature a ton of space and storage options, but for player’s looking for cozy quarters suitable for relaxation and study, this is the best Skyrim mage house by far.

Best Skyrim Mage House 1
Exterior view of the best Skyrim mage house. The magic light above the table never goes out.
Best Skyrim Mage House 2
Central area with fish pond as seen from the front door.
Best Skyrim Mage House 3
The house has a cozy kitchen with cooking spit for all your favorite recipes.
Best Skyrim Mage House 4
Gorgeous bedroom with magic fireplace. The flames burn bright and blue.
Best Skyrim Mage House 5
The best Skyrim mage house wouldn’t be complete without an Enchanter table.
Best Skyrim Mage House 6
Intimate nook adjoining the study with display case and storage.


Best Skyrim Mage House 7
A mage’s study complete with desk and bookcases.
Best Skyrim Mage House 8
Another view of the central area and fish pond.
Best Skyrim Mage House 9
The mage house has its very own statue. Cool!








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