Sifu’s First Content Update Adds Difficulty Options, Outfits, Improved Training Mode

Despite releasing in a pretty excellent state, Sifu developer Sloclap wasn’t content to rest on their laurels — today marks the release of the first major content update for the Kung-Fu brawler, and includes a number of useful new features. This update coincides with the game’s official retail release; those of you who love having a box on your shelf can now pick up Sifu at your local game store and add it to your collection.

The most significant aspect of today’s update is unequivocally the addition of difficulty settings. The game’s original level of difficulty is now the middle option, with easier and more challenging options added alongside it. Everything from enemy HP and AI aggressiveness to how quickly your character ages are modified by the difficulty — players who struggled with the original setting can have an easier go at it, while veterans desperate for a challenge will likewise be appeased.

Additional treats include new outfits (selectable in the Wugan), a new training mode that lets you practice against bosses and multiple enemies of any type, and UI improvements like dark mode for menus and various control and HUD improvements.

This isn’t the only update Sifu is going to get — Sloclap has a year of updates planned. The summer update will bring advanced scoring and gameplay modifiers, while fall’s will include a replay editor. The final 2022 update will add a new “Arenas” game mode — all three future updates will add new outfits, and fall and winter will both include new modifiers as well.

Have you tried out the Sifu update yet? How do the new difficulty settings feel? Let us know in the comments!

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