Rust Skin Review (October 6th) – Elite Crate AR, Chainmail Poncho, Stump Furnace, and more

This week we have three new weapon skins, four deployable skins, and a poncho. But that isn’t all new: we will also be using a new rating score: -5 through 5. In this system, which better showcases extremes, a truly exceptional skin will get a 5, whereas a skin that gets a -5 would be hot garbage. That means that a 0 is completely average and unremarkable.

Chainmail Poncho

chainmail poncho

The all-new Chainmail poncho is the newest skin for the poncho revitalization series. It is a big departure from the tactical camouflage of most designs. But unfortunately, that difference is also its biggest drawback: It isn’t a very good match for the game. Although the chainmail aesthetic is cool, it sticks out enough that it feels like it belongs somewhere else entirely. It’s fine, but nothing extraordinary.

0.9 out of 5

Body Bag Metal Door

bodybag door

I’m not a huge fan of throwing shade, but this skin just makes no sense to me. This is a continuation of the body bag set that started off with the sleeping bag skin. The difference is that making a sleeping bag into a body bag makes sense. This, however, is a door (you might’ve noticed). And a door is not a body bag. It just isn’t. Not to mention, the skin is just dull, black plastic.

-3.1 out of 5

Elite Crate AR

elite crate ar

Now, this skin is way more interesting. From the good pops of orange falling onto the very military camo color palleted green of the main body, this Elite Crate skin for the AR not only looks great but also evokes the same design as other elements already present in the game. This skin is honestly perfect! The small details are subtle and clean, and the stylization looks intentional. Oerall, a fantastic skin.

4.3 out of 5

Stump Furnace

stump furnace

The Stump Furnace is a very artistic skin. It seems like something out of Lord of the Rings, like what might befall an Ent after it has been chopped down by orcs. And it has utility, too: the glowing effect on the skin is pretty cool, providing decent light without being too over the top. The eyes and mouth glow with little light pushing through the root texture, making it that much more interesting. This skin is fun and just a little eerie.

2.7 out of 5

Venomous LR

venomous lr

While I enjoy the colorful nature of this skin, I just don’t get the name. When someone says venomous, I go to snakes and poison, not bright messy colors. I guess it’s meant to emulate a poison dart frog, but if so… The creator of this skin might need to visit a zoo soon. That said, I like the color, I like the messiness, and I like the almost spray-painted look, which looks like something you could find in-game. I just don’t like the name.

1.7 out of 5

Poor Man’s Cardboard Door

poor man's cardboard door

This skin is something, and that something is another copy-and-paste “wooden” door. How exhilarating. Oh, look, they put words on this one. Making the same joke, with the same point, that multiple other skins have already done. And it’s not even as good as those other doors. While I like this concept and find these skins fun, it would be nice if they could come up with a more original joke.

-2.3 out of 5

Military DBS

military dbs

This skin might be a bit bare, but it is also very clean and detailed. The military set has been one of my favorite sets, if only because they all just feel so in tune with the game. This is no exception. Classic camos and simple designs like this are what Rust is all about. I feel this would be something I find when I’m looting an abandoned military base in the desert. I love these kinds of skins; please give me more. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

3.9 out of 5.

Constellation Metal Double Doors

constellations metal double door

This is another simple but fun double-door skin. This time, in the form of something classy and unique. It depicts constellations in the night sky, connected by blue and yellow lines. The glow from the stars isn’t as overwhelming as I assumed it would be; it looks like a picture of space, just slightly exaggerated. In fact, it reminds me of a planetarium. My only wish for this skin is that they had made the metal trim at the top black — it would’ve brought the scene together so much more nicely. As is, though, it just doesn’t quite reach its potential.

2.9 out of 5

That rounds out the skin review this week! This was a middle-of-the-road showing from Facepunch. We only got one offensively lousy skin, and a few pretty good ones to make up for it. Decent, but not brilliant. As always, survivors, stay rusty!

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