Rust Quick Patch, Console News, and False Bans

Very out of character for Facepunch and Double Eleven, we got an extra-large amount of news this Wednesday. With multiple Twitter updates from both accounts, it seems like a wild Wednesday for the players of Rust.

PC News

At 6:00 am EST, Rust released a quick patch to address a backend third-party issue. Following this client update, it seems like a new anti-cheat was silently added, or an anti-cheat was updated. This resulted in what Rust has declared to be a “Large false positive ban wave.” Many players, likely in the thousands, ended up on the wrong end of this ban wave. The Anti-Cheat team (EAC) worked very quickly and resolved the issue within 15 minutes after it was announced on Twitter.

Console News

Response to feedback

Following the Oceanbound update last month, the general feedback was positive but critical. The main issue is that while the player base is happy and thankful for the new and expanding content, the game’s underlying bugs and general errors remain unfixed. In response to this feedback, the team at double eleven has decided to prioritize a stability patch before any other new features come out. This is fantastic news; Rust console is currently notorious for its bugs, and getting these fixed will be a significant step in the right direction for the game.


halloween update

With Halloween right around the corner, it is exciting news to hear that an event will finally come to Console. Currently, on the testing branch, there is the Halloween event that is practically identical to the one that has been running for half a decade on PC. Along with this announcement, they say that last year’s Halloween skins will be making a return.


Looking into the future, there are a few things on the horizon, the biggest of these being the announcement of the Powersurge update.

“Caution: Live Wires! The Powersurge content update introduces the electricity system and playable content, so we need to be very careful with it.”

Double Eleven, Sept. 27th, 2022

According to the announcement, Double Eleven will be working on this over the coming months and want to have it out around the end of the year. Everything will be getting tested slowly on the testing branch over the next few months, keeping their priority on the stability patch first and foremost.

Along with this, they announced the idea of “Event Servers”. These servers would act as the current community-style servers seen on the PC version of Rust. They introduced the idea of servers with higher gather rates, stack sizes, and other things along those lines. Some of these servers are already on the test branch for anyone to try. Once implemented, they “may” appear on a rotating system, but details will be announced later. There is also no release date at this point.

That’s your extra info for this week. Have a good rest of your wipe survivors!

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