New Rust Skins for Console and PC (July 14)

Once again, it is that time of the week — the all-new Rust Console and PC sets are out for purchase. With a few extensive collections coming in on the console side, and a shift in pace on the PC side, I’m sure one of these skins will be the one for you!

Rust Console Skins

ghillie suit skin set console

At first glance, I think most people in the community would go, “Dang that seems overpowered” — and every single one of them would be right. Rust, both on console and PC, has had long-standing issues with camouflage skin sets being pay-to-win, as sthey clearly provide an unfair advantage. This has been an issue for a while, and started with the glow-in-the-dark iron-sight skins back in 2017. Although I don’t think this skin set should be in the game because it provides an unfair advantage, I would still buy it for that advantage. I highly recommend buying this skin in game before it’s gone!

fruit architecture collection skin set console

This set is just adorable. With a box skin, furnace, satchels, and a campfire water purifier, the Fruit Architecture collection is too cute to pass up. If you are a big fan of the cuter side of things, maybe looking for something more decorative, I would highly recommend going with this. Now, this may not be the most overpowered set ever, but it will definitely give your group a morale boost! If you want to pick up this set visit the Rust console store and get it for yourself today.

tribal magic wepons skin set console

Lastly for the Rust console skins, we have the Tribal Magic skin set. I think this skin set is a little basic. There isn’t a whole lot going on it’s really just some cool symbols on the sides of the weapons. However, this skin set serves as a very good collection-filler; if you are missing a Thompson skin, I would recommend getting this one. While it’s not the best or anything crazy, I do think this will be someone’s favorite.

Rust PC Skins

This month we saw a few interesting skins get added to Rust’s PC store, most notably a few set continuations and a new metal armor set. The trend of the matching skin sets continued this week with a Graffiti Armor Storage — we can see Facepunch is in love with making money off this, and so I doubt we will see this set stop anytime soon!

armored door from hell
Armored Door from Hell

Today we saw one of the biggest must-buys of the last few months: the Armored Door from Hell skin. The From Hell set has been consistently a high performer on the market post-sale. Out of the 12 skin collections of the From Hell set, only 2 have sold below market value after the fact, and 4 are going for over $20 on the community market. While I think resell value should be a consideration when buying a skin, it shouldn’t be the only metric. In addition to resale value, this skin is also just amazing. The black and red is a great color combination, to begin with, not even mentioning the fact that it’s a glow-in-the-dark skin as well! For the low price of $3.99, I would put this skin as a must-buy. Go to the Steam store now and pick it up today.

low poly metal facemask
Low Poly Metal Facemask

This month we saw another addition to what I am calling “The Lazy Skins”. The Low Poly set for me is a sad use of an item store slot. The artistic and creative ability of the rust community as a whole is amazing, and there are so many wonderful artists that put hundreds of hours into producing beautiful skins every month. Despite this, Facepunch decided to choose a low poly version of the default skin instead. Overall, I think this is a lazy cash grab. Produce a low quality, low artistic ability skin to have a high profit on it. I would recommend not getting this skin or its matching chest plate skin. If you want this style, please just use the default skin.


This week we saw another continuation of the Graffiti set once again with the Graffiti Armor Storage box skin. If you have been buying the full set I highly recommend picking this up, as it would be a shame to miss one of the skins in the set. For $2.49, you can get the Graffiti Armor Storage in the store today. If you haven’t been keeping up with this set, you may want to skip this skin, as there are so many better general box skins for the same price that you could pick up.

Alongside with the other skins this month, we saw another addition to the growing collection, The Dead Souls Wooden Door. This is a beautiful skin; the design on it is complex yet classy. It fits into the whole feel of Rust extremely well overall. If you are looking for an amazing art piece of a glow-in-the-dark skin I would highly recommend picking this up for only $1.49 in the store today.

Gun and Clothing Skins

This week we saw 2 new gun skins and a new Bandana added to the store. Two I would recommended grabbing, while the other one just seems basic.

Starting off with the Gun skins, we received a Thompson and a SAR skin. The SAR skin is one of the nicest skins I have seen in a long time. It has a wondewful pattern and is very detailed and complex. Whenever I mention Rust getting lazy, and suggest that the devs should be looking into the more artistic side of skin creation, this is what I am talking about. This skin checks all the boxes: It’s creative, original, and stylish. If you were looking for a great SAR skin to pick up I would highly recommend the Iron Wolf SAR for only $1.99 in the store today!

On the other hand, the Thompson skin we received seems like another lazy excuse to make some more money. The JPEG Thompson is a low-resolution version of the default skin. It removed all the texture and instead is just a smooth, almost cartoon version of the original skin. I would definitely not recommend picking up this skin — for $2.99, it’s just not worth the money.

Contrary to the very lazy Tommy skin we just went over, we have the very elegant Dragon Rage Bandana. Last week we saw the addition of the Black Gold set (You can read my overview of those here). In that article, I mentioned that the Dragon Rage set was just a better version of that set. Today we saw that notion proven. This skin is honestly an elegant bandana skin. The black and gold combination makes for a super clean skin that will match so many other skins. If you were looking for a great black-based bandana skin I would highly recommend picking this one up for only $1.49 in the store today.

In the end, I think we had an overall positive set of skins this week. While Facepunch is continuing the trend of going for some of the more lazy options the community has to offer, I was happy to see some genuine art make it into the game. I also enjoyed the shift back to the more gritty skins from last week’s very colorful collection.

My recommendations for this week would be picking up the Armored Door from Hell for value, and glow-in-the-dark and the Dead Souls Wooden Door for their aesthetic value. Until next week, happy shopping survivors!

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