New Rust Skins for Console and PC (August 25)

This month we saw a major release in skins for Console and PC. This was one of the largest additions for Console this month, and some pretty good additions that I think are extremely welcome to the world of Rust.


This month we saw 3 new sets added to Rust console, the most we have seen in the history of these reviews. We have 4 new weapon skins, 1 new road sign set, 1 new full metal set with matching hoodie and pants, and 6 deployable.

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Rust console skins for August 25th

Unnamed red and white camo set

First off we have the MP5 and matching Thompson. They are a part of another set that was released at an earlier time and are overall pretty nice. They give off a nice Christmas vibe and it looks like they will complement other sets very well. The boots and kilt also match with the other sets well and it will round out the rest of the set well.

Radioactive Architecture set

The radioactive set is a bright yellow with set with black and green accents. It also largely filters the hazmat symbol and toxic waste symbol. Over this is a super bright set that can add some pops of color and nice accents to your base, as well as some present glowing elements.

radioactive architecture 1
Radioactive Architecture

Space Trooper Veteran set

This is another black and silver set, I think this set is actually quite clean, especially the hoodie and pants. The black with orange tones add some nice accent pieces. Overall this set is nice and I really enjoy the black. If you don’t need a metal set make sure to pick up the base hoodie and pants because they will complement other metal pieces well.

space trooper veteran set
Space Trooper Veteran Metal Set

Unnamed Tan/cardboard set

This set looks pretty decent, I think it’s a little ugly but it has a nice personality. I really like the stickers and drawings that are on it but I think the base color is a little ugly. I feel like this set can be very useful in the desert but will make you stand out like a sore thumb in the snow and forest areas.

PC skins

This week we only had 2 skins that I think are not good for the game which is overall a really great haul! We got a long-awaited addition to the Bombshell set with the garage door, a really clean hatchet and pickaxe set, super fun and interesting revolver skin, and a very clean and interesting bow skin.

Modern Military Set

One of the great skin set that we saw get added this month was the modern military hatchet and pickaxe. Both of these skins look very clean and militaristic. They are right in what I believe to be the style of rust with a very earthy and dirty tan color that will make them almost blend in with the ground. The toothed bottom of the hatchet makes it look like a real military piece of equipment which is a nice touch.

Two very interesting additions

Two very cool and unique new skins that are wholly original. A revolver skin that lets its name speak for itself, and a metal door skin that has a very nice glowing element and looks super unique.

cooling station metal door
Cooling Station Metal Door

The cooling Station Metal Door is a very unique and interesting set that is wholly original in the world of rust. I love the semi-modern steampunk-esk design. I think this is a highly welcome addition that has a very well-worked in lighting piece that does not overwhelm the rest of the design. The area for the code lock looks well worked in that it almost seems like the code lock was originally built into the door. Overall I love this skin and I hope they make more like it.

colorful revolver
Colorful Revolver

The colorful Revolver has a name that speaks for itself. While I’m usually not a huge fan of overly colorful designs, this skin does it right. The coloring looks messy and homemade just like the revolver. The crude spray paint with plenty of splashes makes it seem like someone really reskinned it in their base. The nice little touch of “have fun” right below the cartridge is just perfect on this weapon. Overall another amazing skin that I will be buying for myself.

serpant bow
Serpent Bow

Concluding our welcome additions, we saw the addition of the Bombshell Garage door and the serpent bow. Both of these skins are very welcome additions to the world of rust. The bow has a very unique design, the texture of the bow resembles that of a piece of snakeskin that is wrapped around the wooden frame. This looks amazing and seems to be based on a raddle snake pattern.

bombshell garage door
Bombing Garage Door

Next, we have the bombing garage door that simply adds to an already wonderful set. This skin set is one of the oldest and longest-running in rust so it is very nice to see the legacy expanded. This door matches the rest of the set elegantly with the iconic flames and organic green color. The light fixtures look very intentional and the see-through chain link is also very nice. I think this door will see a lot of use as there aren’t many other sees-through garage doors. From an investment standpoint, I would recommend this skin. Lighting and see-through is a combination of success so I would buy this if you can!

Graffiti and JPEG set additions

Lastly, we saw one addition each to the JPEG and Graffiti sets. My stance remains the same on these sets, I think they are lazy. This week was one of the better ones though, I think including a box for specifically electoral is something nice and welcome but I hate to see it just be another almost copy and pasted design with minor color palate tweaks. The same goes for the MP5, although clean and nice they could have spent their time and resources on something else.

In conclusion, I think this was a loaded week. We saw some great additions to the world of consoles and a lot of them. For PC we saw a bunch of great ads with only 2 that I thought were lazy. If you want to pick up any of these skins please consider the ones I recommend before the copy and pasted ones, and as always please enjoy your wipes and stay rusty.

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