RUST Console September 1st patch 1.15: Bug fixes, and balancing

This month we saw the Oceanbound update come to the world of Rust Console. Unfortunately, along with this patch came some bugs. Luckily, the Rust Console team decided to do an emergency patch in order to fix some of these issues. In this patch, we received some building changes and combat changes that will have a small, but meaningful effect. Read on to see the full patch notes!


  • Candle Hat no longer illuminates immediately after equipping it, requiring an extra button press to extinguish. (Lantern hats need to be turned on and off when equipped. This will make it so you can put them on without the fear of someone hearing it turn on.)
  • Picking up a Ladder no longer results in the destruction of adjacent ladders. (This will be interesting for the world of raiding. When you are getting raided make sure to pick up all the ladders raiders deploy in order to stop them from climbing into places you don’t want them.)
  • Fixed a bug preventing Hemp seed from being planted in the planter box.
  • Fixed missing collision on kayaks and explosives.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from deploying furniture like chairs close to the built wall. (This should fix the issues with building, making furniture blocks more usable and fun.)
  • Fixed the gap between the Roof Triangle building block where it meets another building block.
  • Tool Cupboards can no longer be placed on the WatchTower. They are only deployable on player-built foundations. (While watchtower bases were fun while they lasted it makes sense that they removed this bug.)
  • Modified material settings to avoid black texture in preview for Fruit – Architecture Water Purifier & Furnace preview model have texture issues.
  • Modified Pixel Architecture Furnace skin. Changed the LODs to fix graphical issues when turned on and the furnace no longer looks shiny on the inside from a distance.


  • Removed unnecessary collider from the Salvaged Axe that caused it to get stuck in the air after being thrown.
  • Modified 3rd-person Hatchet model to fix skin preview on Cargo – Tools Hatchet skin.
  • Fixed a bug with melee weapon skins that would display the impact decal on top of the skin when thrown at a wall or the floor.
  • Fixed graphical issues on Deep Freeze Revolver skin.


  • The Player can no longer drink water from the Inventory UI.
  • Head look position no longer resets to default when viewed from far away. (When viewing players from afar you will now be able to see where they are looking, this should mostly apply to 16x Scope, 8x Scope, and Binoculars.)
  • Fixed a bug that caused corrupted textures on Items held and worn by the player.


  • Modified movement on some foliage, including creeping vines animation.
  • Fixed ore node particle visuals. (This should make it easier to know when you have hit the sparkles on nodes.)
  • Fixed Z-fighting on Low Wall structures.
  • Added collision to sunken barge moorings.
  • Modified LOD distance of water tanks.
  • Modified Pump Jack so the belt drive is no longer misaligned.


  • Disabled UP/DOWN SFX if splitting UI is open.
  • Changed the input type to player input state instead of a gamepad. Also cached the swap view model to fix a bug where the player is unable to shoot an arrow of a different type than the one equipped. (This makes it so you can change arrows and still be able to shoot them right away.)
  • Fixed a bug with overlapping Storage Container UI and crafting UI if buttons are pressed at the same time.
  • Fixed empty stats panel for Items in Melee and Tools categories in crafting menu.
  • Map adjustment to stop single grid lines from disappearing when the map is zoomed in to the max.
  • Added token to toggle on/off control hint so Barbeque note inside its UI changes correctly after turning on the BBQ.
  • Fixed overlapping animations when pressing Create a Team and Leave the Team button repeatedly.
  • Fixed title screen logo overlapping ‘Loading’ text and Rust loading icon on the loading screen in different languages.
  • Fixed a bug with Locker UI navigation using the Right Analog Stick where visual indicators didn’t align with controller input.


  • Fixed Wall Lamp Red on Cargo Ship so it emits a red glow rather than white.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Scientists to die in slow motion on the Cargo Ship.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dying animation to play in slow motion on the Cargo Ship. (Scientists will no longer do the slow fall-and-die thing on the cargo ship.)
  • Fishing Village lantern light no longer passes through the wall of the shop.
  • Removed collider from green fishing net to stop rubberbanding at the Fishing Village monument.
  • Modified shaders and material settings to fix a bug that caused some buildings in Large Fishing Village to have white textures.
  • Fixed Metal component LOD issues at the Fishing Village monument.
  • Adjusted Scientist pathing on the Large Oil Rig to prevent them from entering locked doors. (Scientists will no longer hide in the card rooms or the fuse room on L4.)
  • Fixed missing texture/LOD transition on yellow stairs at Oil Rig monument.
  • Fixed Metal Shopfront textures for player-placed structures and also at monuments like Bandit Camp.
  • Fixed train crane LODs at the Harbor and Train Yard monuments.
  • Aligned engine with drive belt to stop Belt from clipping through the engine on Quarry monuments.
  • Fixed animation issues for the gear and belt of the engine at all Quarry monuments.
  • Added light source to napalm so fires from helicopters and Bradley APC now correctly emit light at night. (The fires from taking Bradley will now correctly show, so be careful taking those two at night as they will be highly visible.)
  • Removed collision block and corrected LODs to fix the Invisible platform in the Elevator shaft at Launch Site.
  • Modified small Harbor scene to avoid Z-fighting on the stone wall.
  • Melee weapons thrown at Oxum’s gas station windows no longer disappear.
  • Fixed suddenly vanishing shadows for ventilation units located on the roof of Oxum’s Gas Station monument.
  • Removed deploy volumes/unneeded code for monuments. Adjusted planting bounds for corn to match pumpkin to fix a bug that stopped the Player cannot plant saplings near monuments.
  • Fixed Z-fighting on the L5 container at the Large Oil Rig, brick walls at the Train Yard monument, and the tall pipes on the Cargo Ship.

Other Changes

  • Crash fix when entering Skin Store.
  • Fixed a bug where Credits remain paused after exiting and reentering the menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sound effect of hitting a target not to play when the “Blood” option is disabled in Graphical effects options.
  • Fixed audio settings not getting updated unless options UI is opened.
  • Removed animation delay from attack cooldown calculation, recalculated bound for Reactive Target to allow Items thrown or shot at Reactive Target to be retrieved.

Rust Console is a growing and expanding game, and the patches and changes that have been coming out for the last few months have been very refreshing. Double Eleven has been doing a really great job taking care of this game and fixing bugs as fast as they can. I can’t wait to see what the next update brings. As always survivors, stay rusty.

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