Preloading for Hogwarts Legacy Now Available On Steam for PC

Even though the original news have been that you can’t preload the game on PC — console players got ahead of us in multiple ways there — an official announcement just went out saying that, yes, you can preload Hogwarts Legacy on Steam, and the time is now!

hogwarts legacy steam preload announcement

Whether you have a Deluxe copy or just the regular one, you should now have the “Preload” option in your library.

hogwarts legacy preload option on steam
If you don’t, try restating the Steam client

Looks like the download time is about 1-1.5 hours for the 69.7 GB, so it’s not a big issue if you need to do it later tonight or before playing at 1 pm EST tomorrow (if you have the Deluxe). Of course, keep in mind that this heavily depends on your download speed and your previous experience downloading games with Steam!

Can’t wait to play? Have been watching streams of Twitch (and didn’t even need the added encouragement of Twitch Drops)? Progress bar says you have 2 days remaining on the download? Share with us in the comments below!

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