Zoria: Age of Shattering Update – Monthly Changelog #3

Tiny Trinket Games brings us a new Kickstarter update for their squad-based tactical RPG Zoria: Age of Shattering. Positioned as a monthly progress report, this update lets us know that an improved version of Nulbarak, the location where the game’s Kickstarter demo was set, will be making its way into the actual game as an optional area.

We’re also told that the game now features a fully functional day-night cycle with various events tied to certain times of day, and get a preview of some recent UI adjustments. Here are the text bits, but be sure to check out the update itself for some screenshots:

Hello, Commander!

Another month, another changelog. Are you curious on what we’ve been working lately? You wouldn’t believe how much Zoria has changed! Get yourself a mug, sit back and enjoy 😊


Does it ring a bell? 😉

Some of you have heard this name before. Nulbarak is a location known to those who had a chance to play Kickstarter Demo 😉 We decided to implement an improved version of this place not only to reward all of our Backers, but also to give players a choice within the gameplay. You see, we’ve made some changes to Zoria’s story and visiting Nulbarak will be a result of your in-game decisions, so you may or may not arrive to that destination 😉

Day-night cycle

Open areas now have a fully working day-night cycle; The world will act accordingly to the time of the day! Some events will occur only at certain times. This should help make the game more alive and realistic 😊

UI Adjustments

We’re implemetning a new, more aestheticaly pleasing interface. The previous one was good, but this one will be even better and we think it’ll reflect Zoria’s current level of design more. Fun fact: it’s an eleventh iteration, made completely in-house, tailored to Zoria’s needs 😉

Until next time,


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