Zodiac and the Marauders of Sol Development Update #1

Now that the holidays are behind us, Basilisk Games has treated us to the first development update for their upcoming sci-fi shooter/adventure/RPG hybrid, Zodiac and the Marauders of Sol. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to glean from the post, but it’s better than nothing I suppose:

We are currently working on a navigation system to direct the player to different mission points within each planetary system. Our original concept for this nav system was “wide open”, letting the player select any point on the navigation map to enter and explore. But since outer space is BIG, that meant may zones were just dead, empty areas where players burned up fuel. After some holiday brainstorming, we decided to re-build the navigation screen from the ground up using travel corridors between navigation points. It still allows the player to explore, but keeps them from wandering out into deep space.

Also working on visual effects, sound effects, and trying to decide the kind of music the game will have (testing out different genres and styles to see what fits). No screenshots on this dev update…maybe next one?

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