XCOM 2 Out Now on Consoles, Early Look at Performance

Players who prefer to play on consoles or don’t have a PC powerful enough to play XCOM 2 might be glad to know that the title is now out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There’s a fairly lengthy blog post on the PlayStation blog from a Firaxis developer on the making of the game, in case you’re interested:

XCOM 2 couldn’t use the established canon of UFO Defense; we had to start fresh with new ideas to really make the franchise our own and create a true sequel. We found the idea of starting the story after losing the original game incredibly inspiring to build a new world upon. It was a fascinating challenge developing a fresh, but familiar world, polishing the tactical mechanics, and establishing a new open-ended strategy layer.

We tried to push the intensity and visceral nature of the series in all aspects. One of my favorite ways we did this is with the aliens themselves. They embody the bolder direction of the sequel both narratively and artistically. XCOM 2 sees more terrifying versions of the alien roster whose DNA has been spliced together with humans. The aliens are stronger and smarter. We also shifted the gameplay from the defensive, reactionary style seen in Enemy Unknown to a more offensive one where players are choosing when and how to attack the enemy.

And, in case you’re wondering how the game plays on consoles, Eurogamer has pushed out a video focused on the game’s performance:

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