X-Men Legends Preview

TeamXbox has put together a preview of X-Men Legends, Activision’s action RPG based on the popular comic book series. A snippet:

During the game, players will control four characters that make up the active X-Men team they control at any given time. Raven has designed the game so that it simply takes a single button to quickly switch to a different character. It’s somewhat like the team control of Brute Force, with an easy swap between characters according to a button that corresponds to each character. This helps keeps the pace of the game going without having to stop and enter some type of control menu to select characters on the fly. The game’s AI will control the 3 characters of the game you aren’t taking control of yourself, but they will act and work as a part of the team you create according to your own specifications you setup during the game. This is what gives players a real feel for being a part of their own unique X-Men squad and one part of the title that brings out a great RPG quality while still keeping the pace up with a lot of action. The AI dynamics come into play quite a bit during game and you’ll notice that other characters will in fact work together in various situations to accomplish their goals. For instance, Jean Grey may use her skills over matter to hold an enemy suspended in the air just long enough for Cyclops to fire a shot at him, or Nightcrawler may choose to teleport himself through a wall in order to scope things out before Gambit decides to smash through that same wall.

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