World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Previews

Two more BlizzCon-based previews of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King come from GamePro and Hooked Gamers. First, Hooked Gamers:

The Lich King expansion isn’t only about the addition of a new character class and profession. It is also about the expansion of the existing continents, the addition of new items, dungeons, quests, creatures, spells and weapons. In addition to all of this there is a completely new continent called Northrend that will be sure to satisfy any adventurer’s thirst for exploration. Let’s not stop there though because the Lich King himself is threatening the extinction of life on Azeroth and all able-bodied Heroes have been called in to stop him!

After the lands of World of Warcraft have been saved from the evil Lich King and his army of undead warriors the Hero can settle back to enjoy the finer things in life. These fine new things are plentiful to be sure. For the person that lives for the thrill of Player vs. Player battles there are new zones that are available on all of the servers. In these zones you can practice the exciting occupation of raiding other players of their amassed wealth via the new 10-person raid and the old tried and true 25-person raid. Before, Player vs. Player action always consisted of simple one on one combat between players or squads of players banded together. Now with the addition of siege weapons and destructible buildings Player vs. Player has taken on a completely new level of excitement. Add in new factions with names like Speartusk, Frenzyheart, The Oracles and the Taunka and you can rest easy that you will always find a place to fit in and never become bored.

Then GamePro:

If pressed to give only one answer to the question “Why should I buy Wrath of the Lich King?” it would have to be the Death Knight class. For any player who has leveled a character to level 55, the option is available to roll a Death Knight of any race and gender. The Death Knight begins their journey through Azeroth at level 55 with armor and abilities worthy of a Hero Class: i.e. they kick ass in the most awesome way.

The starting zone for Death Knights is unique in that it is phased separate from the regular WoW map and set several years in the past. The phasing technology is a new one, and enables the Blizzard developers to create pockets of content visible only to those who have met predetermined criteria. For instance, a Death Knight who has not finished the last battle at Light’s Hope Chapel will not be able to travel around Azeroth with the rest of the players on his server because technically he is in a different phase of the game. The quests in the DK starting zone are some of the most inventive in the game, if much darker. Note to the squeamish: Don’t roll a Death Knight if you have an aversion to torturing people, slaying helpless villagers, or slaughtering your own kind.

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