World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Preview offers a pretty expansive and detailed preview of the upcoming WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

Part of the whole buzz regarding the new instances is based on high interactivity and flexibility. Many of the fights aren’t the ‘žclassical) tank-and-bash format, but require an addition of distributive attention and dynamic thinking. Some of the fights in The Burning Crusade, especially the ones in the most recent dungeon inserted Sunwell Plateau require a very tactical approach from players, but that’s just to get them warmed up for the content of the new expansion. A fairly simple example would be the final boss in The Nexus instance, Keristraza, who freezes players little by little, the solution to that problem being constant movement to ‘žwarm up).

As for the raiding instances, Blizzard brough a reasonable solution in my opinion, in response to all the complaints from players who can’t organise themselves in packs of 25 people or are under the impression that they’re dragging people through dungeons. Each raiding instance will be accessible both to 10 and 25-player groups, and the content is adapted to the group format. Obviously, the 25-men instances will give more substantial rewards, but it’s more likely for you to have 9 friends you get along with and trust than lament over a segment of people out of 25 who aren’t doing their jobs, if you’re not one of them that is.

The raiding instances will consist both of older instances adapted for level 80 (like Naxxramas, the final level 60 raid before the first expansion came out) as well as new ones with an outstanding design. Even the Caverns of Time, the instance hub that recreated memorable moments in the WarCraft storyline, like Thrall’s escape or the legendary massacre at the end of the Reign of Chaos campaign, on Mount Hyjal, has received a new instance the WoW adaptation of a mission in the previously-mentioned game, in which the protagonists have to prevent the transformation of a number of Stratholme citizens into zombies by killing them before Mal’Ganis, the campaign’s antagonist, gets to them.

Spotted on Blue’s News.

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