World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Interview

Eurogamer is next to interview co-lead designer Tom Chilton and producer J. Allen Brack about World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Eurogamer: Is that less static world something we’re going to see more of in the game proper?

J. Allen Brack: Yes, we actually have used it in several places in Northrend, what we call the phasing technology. There’s quests that you do when you arrive at a town that’s overrun by Scourge, it’s like a “Choplifter” quest, you have to fly in and rescue villagers. As you bring them back to your quest hub, those villagers are there permanently for you, whereas if somebody who hasn’t done the quest shows up, they don’t see them.

When I talk to players who aren’t in beta about the Death Knight, and explain its abilities, they simply can’t understand how it could ever be balanced. [Laughter.] How do you do that? Is the Death Knight’s overpowered feel all smoke and mirrors?

Tom Chilton: At the end of the day, if the DPS [damage per second] output of the class and the tanking mitigation stats add up to about the same, then we’re going to be okay. They have a couple of signature abilities, like the Death Grip, that help them feel very different as a class. But I honestly think that balance-wise, they’re coming along pretty well.

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