World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic – Unearth the Secrets of Ulduar

The Classic version of World of Warcraft’s legendary Wrath of the Lich King expansion launched a few months back. And now that plenty of nostalgic adventurers have had the chance to revisit Northrend and test their mettle against the bosses of Naxxramas, a new content update is on the way, scheduled to go live on January 16, 2023.

The update will be inviting us to explore the dangers of Ulduar and the challenges of the Argent Tournament. Beyond that, the update will usher in a new arena season, add new Emblem of Conquest vendors and a new Vault of Archavon boss. It will also introduce the Classic take on Mythic+ in the form of Titan Rune dungeons.

Here are some additional details:

Join Brann Bronzebeard’s expedition, explore Ulduar, and take part in an epic tournament as the forces of Azeroth prepare for a confrontation with the Lich King in the next content phase of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Here’s the complete schedule:

Available Starting the Week of January 16

Dungeon and Raid Emblem Changes

A new Emblem type is now available—the Emblem of Conquest. Emblems of Conquest can be obtained from all bosses in Ulduar and from the “Proof of Demise” Heroic Dungeon daily quests.

Emblems of Valor can now be obtained from all Heroic dungeon bosses, and from the Normal Dungeon daily quests “Timear Foresees…”.

Emblems of Heroism can no longer be obtained from Heroic dungeon bosses. You can exchange Emblems of Conquest or Valor for Emblems of Heroism at a money changer in Dalaran, such as Usuri Brightcoin located at The Cantrips & Crows Tavern in The Underbelly.

New Emblem of Conquest Vendors

New vendors in Dalaran located in the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary for the Horde and The Silver Enclave for the Alliance now accept Emblems of Conquest in exchange for powerful loot like neck, waist, hands, and leg slot items, as well as select Raid Set items and Deadly Gladiator PvP Sets.

The Argent Tournament Begins!

As the might of the Scourge wanes under the pressure of Azeroth’s heroes, the Argent Crusade have taken a foothold in Arthas’s backyard. Off the northeastern coast of Icecrown, they have sounded the call for the most bold and brave adventurers of the Horde and Alliance to take part in the Argent Tournament. Representatives of all ten faction capitals, from Undercity to The Exodar, have traveled to the tournament grounds to find champions among their heroes who will prepare for the inevitable battle against the enemy of all living beings, the Lich King.

While the tournament grounds are still under construction, you can still travel to Icecrown and visit the Argent Tournament Grounds daily quest hub to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Conquer the Arena in Season 6

After the regional weekly maintenance starting on January 17, a new Arena Season will begin. At the end of Season 6, qualifying players will receive the “Furious Gladiator” title and the fearsome Furious Gladiator’s Frost Wyrm mount. Rating requirements to obtain Furious Gladiator’s gear remains unchanged from Season 5. Also, gear from previous Arena Seasons, including Season 5 gear, can be obtained from Arena and Honor vendors with adjusted costs in some cases, and no rating requirements across the board.

Titan Rune Dungeons

A new Mysterious Titanic Relic now looms near the entrance of all level 80 Heroic dungeons. Once your party interacts with it and channels its power, the Relic will cause all enemies in the dungeon to gain additional health and damage and additional effects, depending on the dungeon.

Gear that formerly dropped in Normal 10-player versions of Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, and The Obsidian Sanctum can now drop from dungeon bosses when they’re under the effects of the Mysterious Titanic Relic.

Available Starting January 19

New Raid: Ulduar

For millennia, Ulduar has remained undisturbed by mortals, far away from their concerns and their struggles. Yet since its recent discovery, many have wondered what the structure’s original purpose may have been. Some thought it a city, built to herald the glory of its makers; some thought it a vault containing innumerable treasures, perhaps even relics of the mighty Titans themselves. Such speculations were wrong. Beyond Ulduar’s gates lies no city, no treasure vault, no final answer to the Titan’s mysteries. All that awaits those who dare set foot in Ulduar is a horror even the Titans could not, would not destroy, an evil they merely… contained.

This massive facility was constructed by the Titans to imprison an unspeakable threat to all life on Azeroth. Unearth its mysteries and claim the rewards therein—but try not to lose your mind in the process. Ulduar will open at 3:00 p.m. PST.

Raid bosses: Flame Leviathan, Ignis the Furnace Master, Razorscale, XT-002 Deconstructor, The Assembly of Iron, Kologarn, Auriaya, Freya, Thorim, Mimiron, Hodir, General Vezax, Yogg-Saron, Algalon the Observer

Level: 80

Location: Storm Peaks, Northrend

Available Starting the Week of January 23

New Vault of Archavon Boss

Emalon the Storm Watcher will challenge all who dare enter the east wing of Vault of Archavon raid in Wintergrasp. Defeat him for a chance to obtain select Ulduar Raid Set items, as well as “Furious Gladiator” PvP loot in 25-player difficulty and “Deadly Gladiator” loot in 10-player difficulty.

Beneath ancient Ulduar, the Old God of death lies, whispering…. Tread carefully, or its prison will become your tomb.

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