World of Warcraft Tips of the Week #20

RPG Vault is offering up some additional advice to aid you in your travels through Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. The twentieth installment discusses playing a Paladin and choosing your equipment for the role of a knight. A snip:

The Paladin is an Alliance-only class, available only if you choose to play as a Human or Dwarf. Not surprising to anyone with much RPG experience, it’s a hybrid combining tank and healer characteristics. In the former role, you won’t be as hardy as a Warrior, while in the latter, you won’t be as effective as a Priest. You’ll have access to Seals that can be used as self-buffs or as debuffs when applied to enemies, plus Auras and Blessings that aid companions in various ways. After starting with maces, you’ll able to learn various edged weapons, but no ranged ones.

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