World of Warcraft Tips of the Week #16

RPG Vault is offering up some additional advice to aid you in your travels through Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. The sixteenth installment discusses playing a Warrior and a few details about choosing a weapon for the class. A taste:

As you might expect, the Warrior class is definitely best suited to a front-line melee role. What may come as at least a bit of a surprise is that this isn’t due to being able to deal massive amounts of damage. You can certainly lay some hurt on your enemies, just not as rapidly as a Mage or even a Rogue. However, you can wear heavier armor types, which reduce net injury. This does make the class relatively dependent on maintaining a high armor rating. Stamina bonuses are important since they affect hit points. Opinion is divided on how to balance Strength and Agility; emphasizing the former helps you hit harder while the latter produces more critical hits. A significant portion of play revolves around managing a stat called rage, which powers many of your special moves. Most groups will want a Warrior or two. Soloing is viable, but there are probably better alternatives if you intend to adventure alone.

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