World of Warcraft Reviews

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is the subject of yet another pair of reviews on the web today. The first is over at The Gamers Temple with an overall score of 92%:

There is far too much in the game for me to cover everything in a review and reasonably expect anyone to read it through to the end. There’s a well-implemented crafting system, support for parties and groups, elite quests, and on and on. If you’re looking to get into a MMORPG or have grown tired with your current one, then suffice it to say that World of Warcraft is an excellent choice as they don’t come any better than this.

And the second is at Gamecell UK with an overall score of 7/10:

I feel rather strange being less than happy with a game which (looking around the Web) seems to be loved and adored by everyone, but I guess the whole MMPORPG thing is just not for me. Yes there is a HUGE game world to explore and new things are always there to see, but for me it just felt very laboured. Whilst it does raise the benchmark for games of its type, it still can’t get round the same old ‘˜levelling-up’ system. As advanced as the game is, it is actually very, very simple for the most part. Run around, find a group of enemies around the same level and just kill them to gain XP. Get enough XP to level up. Take on a few new missions that you are now skilled enough to undertake to gain money and more XP. Missions involve killing groups of enemies which again give you more XP. Get enough XP to level up and repeat.

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