World of Warcraft Reviews

Just in case you’re still undecided on whether or not you’d like to join the army of gamers that play World of Warcraft, two more reviews for the game have hit the web. The first is at Just RPG with no overall score:

While the interface is well thought out and has a very appealing look and feel, it lacks the customizability of the controls. The various actions for your character can be made into buttons to be placed on a ‘˜hot-bar’ or ‘˜quick-bar,’ however only one of these bars is visible at a time and as your character progresses the need for more hot-bars is evident. Thankfully there have been some third party interface modifications developed such as COSMOS (which includes a variety of excellent add-on tools) and GypsyMod. These are not necessities but definitely help. Blizzard has also been making modifications to the standard interface, addressing several issues, and plans to release these changes in their upcoming patch.

And the second is at Games Xtreme with an overall score of 9.5/10:

The game is a very satisfying MMORPG experience. There is a massive amount of content for each of the games starting areas, and the game feels very complete. My main issues are that the game does feel a little shallow at times and can be a touch underwhelming. As time goes by I’m certain more items and content will be added which will drastically change how the game feels. The PvP system also contributes towards the game and is far superior to other games such as Anarchy Online. The game has made an impact and I’m certain that its success will continue.

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