World of Warcraft Review

GamersInfo is next in line with a review of World of Warcraft, and although they don’t give the game an overall score, they obviously liked it. Their conclusion:

All in all, I would have to say that the worst thing about Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is how addicting the game is for me already. The leveling pace is so quick, the variety of things to do in game so varied, that I have had to write this review while my character was running through the world from place to place because I simply don’t want to be logged out for that long! The game design offers a way for casual players who can’t spend as many hours in game as those who are more hard core a way to keep up a similar leveling pace, but I don’t think that my characters will ever have it for very long because I’m always playing. The longer a character spends in an inn (be it simply sitting or because that is where you logged out) the higher your experience bonus is and the longer the bonus lasts. This applies only to experience gained through killing mobs, but it can be as high as double normal experience values, and can last up to a few hours if you log out for more than a week. But the game really is so much fun to play that it is probably only players who are on vacation and away from a computer that benefit from it.

For anyone who enjoys fantasy based roleplaying games, I most heartily recommend World of Warcraft. I know that I wish I’d bought it back in November when it was released rather than just catching on now to what I’ve been missing.

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