World of Warcraft Preview

The latest preview of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft can be found over at GameMarshal. Check it out:

The interface is fairly simple, yet it will give you full control over the game. World of Warcraft is so easy to play, that it can be done with no keyboard and just the mouse! However if you want some more advanced features, like binding keys to perform certain actions, that’s when the keyboard comes in handy. The interface itself will feature a menu, a mini-map and a portrait of your character, which reflects the clothes that it’s wearing. The interface will be very moddable and you can hide, show and move things around as you wish. The mini-map will assist you on your quests, to make sure that you will never get lost in the huge world. Waypoints are assigned to special places, or you can assign waypoints to places of your interest to make sure you get back wherever you need.

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