World of Warcraft: Born of Stone and Beer

IGN PC continues their set of articles that explore the four Alliance races in World of Warcraft, with the second installment detailing the Dwarf. This time, the article is called “Born of Stone and Beer”:

After running around the city exploring for a bit, I found the Gryphon trainer. Gryphons are the main form of transportation in the game at this point (you can but a personal mount, but bridles cost 50 gold, which is extremely expensive when you consider I’m around level 13 and I’ve earned about the equivalent of one gold piece at this point), and you can pay the trainer to take a Gryphons to other cities and towns in the world (although you will have to find most of the villages on foot before you can take a Gryphon there).

As I said earlier, I’m not much for staying in the same place for too long, so I decided to pay the good man 50 copper to head over to Stormwind, the Human capital. Flying on the Gryphon was quite an experience, especially during the long trip from Ironforge to Stormwind. You can’t control the Gryphon at all, but you do see the entire trip as you fly over rivers, forests and volcanic wastelands.

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