World of Warcraft Beta Report #2

Gamer’s Pulse is offering up the second installment of their beta report for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, this time from the eyes of an Orcish character in Kalimdor. A snippet:

I have found that the orc warriors and human warriors are almost identical in abilities and play styles. The only difference is in the setting. Most of this information is from phase two of the beta in which most of the Horde lands have been made available. I have begun to play as a druid, although I’ll need more time before I get a grasp for its all about; additionally, I’ve played around with a paladin.

I have visited Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Ironforge. Framerates have improved since the last phase, a positive considering the slideshow it once was. The unfortunate thing is that although the towns seemed to have stabilized, the outlying areas such as Durotaur and Goldshire have slowed down a lot. I know it was because a disproportionate number of players started new characters in these areas, but Goldshire and the Fargodeep mine was a terrible place to be for a long time.

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