World of Warcraft Beta Journal #3

MMORPGDot continues their beta journal for World of Warcraft, with the third installment discussing the interface, quests, and more. A snippet:

Merchants are extremely easy to utilize, as they have screens that look just like your inventory (or backpack, which can be opened by hitting “B”). Small blocks hold items that are for sale, next to which are the prices they’ll charge you for the item. Right clicking on an item in the merchant’s window purchases one of that item and deposits it into your backpack. You can also left click to pick one up, drag, and drop the item into either your backpack or the appropriate slot on your character sheet. Picking up an item (either from a merchant or your backpack) causes the slot that it can be used in to highlight in yellow. In this way you always know where to place your weapons and armor. Hovering over an item (in either your inventory or a merchant’s screen) reveals the info block about the item. On the info-block is revealed the item’s name, type, number of hands used to wield it, attack speed (in seconds), damage range, level ranges, and any special properties. If you are currently in a merchant’s screen, the item block will also list the amount of money the merchant will pay you.

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