World of Warcraft Achievements Interview

MTV Multiplayer interviews WoW lead designer Jeffrey Kaplan, talking about how the Blizzard achievements will be different from existing schemes (Xbox360, Valve).

Though the name’s the same, Blizzard is taking great pains to make sure that their own Achievement system improves on the already existing ones. (A lot of things we’ve done in ‘˜WoW’ are sort of evolving different game systems and making them accessible,) Kaplan explained. (We wanted to focus on getting the user interface in a good presentable form and things that other Achievement systems haven’t done a good job of.)

One example is being able to track your progression on an Achievement. On certain Achievements, players will see a progress bar as well as a list of completed and uncompleted Achievements. (Part of that is a reaction to a lot of Achievement systems that are currently out there, where they ask you to do things but you don’t know if you’ve done them yet,) he said. (You’ll be playing a game and it’ll say, ‘˜Destroy all the billboards out in the city’ or whatever. And you think you’ve done it all, buy the Achievement didn’t fire off and you’re like, ‘˜Okay, which billboard did I miss?’ And the only way to get it is to go back and do it all over again. So we just wanted to give players some visibility.)

I’m not familiar with the Xbox360, but I’m pretty sure Steam’s achievement system has that too.

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