Wizardry 8 Interview

RPGDot is really putting together the Wizardry 8 information. First, they release a couple of exclusive MP3s and now they have an interview with Charles Miles (of the Wizardry 8 dev team), along with 5 new screenshots. The interview goes into pretty good depth about the game, including the specifics on the new gadgeteer class…

    Q: Can you describe the gadgeteer ? What are his advantages and disadvantages to other classes ?

    A: The gadgeteer takes items he finds during his adventures and uses his Engineering skill to transform them into gadgets. Gadgets can have quite powerful effects, and a gadgeteer with the most advanced gadgets in comparable to a very powerful spellcaster. Gadgeteers also come with an Omnigun, a hand-built handgun. As the gadgeteer goes up in level, he improves his omningun. A high-level omnigun can blind an opponent, knock him unconscious, or even kill him outright.

Read the rest of the interview by clicking here or take a gander at the new screenshots by clicking here.

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