Wizard101 Interview, Part Two

RPG Vault has conjured up the second portion of their Wizard101 interview with KingsIsle’s Todd Coleman.

Jonric: While you already told us there are several schools of magic we can specialize in, what more is there in this element of the game?

Todd Coleman: I mentioned previously that there are seven different schools of magical spells in the game (Ice, Storm, Fire, Myth, life, Death, Balance). Each gives players a starter deck, if you will – a collection of offensive and defensive spells. More can be learned by completing quests, leveling your character or seeking out hidden trainers scattered across the various worlds.

We also offer treasure cards that can be found through adventuring or won playing mini-games. They are like AD&D scrolls; you don’t know the spell, but can use it one time before the card is burned.

We do have a mana system, and it’s pretty straightforward. To cast a spell during a duel, the player must have an amount equal to its rank. This quantity is expended whether or not the spell works or fizzles and misses the target.

You can play mini-games to fill your mana pool back up. They also give you a variety of rewards based on how well you score, including things like gold, treasure cards, and items.

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