Wish Pathfinding Video and Q&A

IGN’s Wish Vault has conducted a fairly lengthy Q&A with PathEngine’s Thomas Young, asking the pathfinding expert several questions about his work on Mutable Realms’ upcoming MMORPG, Wish. Check it out:

Q: Besides Wish, what other projects have you worked on and how has that prepared you for Wish?

A: Well PathEngine benefits at an architectural level from lessons learned over a great deal of projects. I think that robust pathfinding is always desirable. I guess ‘SoulBringer’ was particularly formative in that there was a great deal of content in that game and because the in game cut-scenes really demanded dependable pathfinding. (The in-game cut scenes had to take over from wherever interactive play left the characters.)

In addition to the Q&A, you can also check out a 4.3 MB AVI video that shows off the pathfinding present in Wish.

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