Will Ashes of Creations be on Steam? (Should It Be?)

Let’s get this out of the way: the developers do not have plans to release Ashes of Creation on Steam. However, there is something you can do if you want to have AoC launchable from your Steam client — we will discuss this below.

But, first, let’s say that it’s understandable if you want to shout, “of course Ashes of Creation isn’t on Steam! It’s actually a solidly good game! Why have MMOs on Steam?!” However, an opposite opinion also has a few bonuses.

Some people download MMOs through Steam even if they later manipulate the files for the game’s launcher to be stand-alone: for some games, Steam download speeds are significantly faster. Not many launchers can claim to beat the video game giant’s download rate.

In some cases, the download speeds may be 10x faster for both the initial installation and future updates, and yet the game may use its own launcher anyway — quite a big perk if you aren’t used to regularly launching your client prematurely in case if there is a patch.

ashes of creation would steam download be faster

Will Ashes of Creation have a decent, speedy launcher? For now, it still stands to see, and we won’t really know where to set out expectations until the official start of the Alpha One testing.

Yet, Steam did rub some MMO players wrong in the past, having delayed release of DLCs, additional technical issues not seen with the direct installations, and limited expansion access like with FFXIV. That might be a major reason for people to have negative expectations of MMOs offered through Steam, and a major reason for Intrepid to not plan to release Ashes of Creation on the platform.

To throw a little extra at the end: some people do use Steam overlay when playing, making purchases, talking to friend contacts, and inviting people to join the game.

However, in the end, some just like keeping all of their games in one place. For some players the majority, or all of their collection has been purchased on Steam, and it really becomes an equivalent of a universal game and software launcher.

ashes of creation benefits of having it on steam

Well, if that’s why you opened this article, we do have a friendly reminder for you: you can add non-Steam games to the client (or any .exe software — add Spotify to Steam, if you wish!). So, when you get your hands on Ashes of Creation, depending on whether you are testing or waiting for the full release, there should be nothing to stop you from clicking on “Games” -> “Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library”.

Hopefully this piece of good news was of help! Of course, there is hoping that Intrepid figures out a way to make their launcher reliably zippy if they do not plan on offering their players the Steam download alternative.

What are your thoughts on this issue, dear fans? How many of you out there care about the issue? Let us know if there are other considerations to this that we didn’t discuss in the article in the comment section below!

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