Wildermyth – The Sunswallower’s Wake Update Available

Worldwalker Games launched their party-based procedural storytelling RPG Wildermyth out of early access last year. The game apparently ended up fairly successful, and as a result, its latest update, apart from fixing some miscellaneous issues, adds a new three-chapter campaign.

Here are the patch notes:

The Sunswallower’s Wake is a three chapter campaign for legacy heroes, focused on Vulta, an ancient enemy of the Yondering Lands. This story is unlocked by an existing event and follows the consequences of releasing Vulta from their gem-prison. We’ve been working on this for a while and are super excited to finally show it off!

Also some good bugfixes, including a memory leak fix that should improve performance for long sessions, and improvements to lighting when point light limit is low.

1.5+389 The Sunswallower’s Wake

  • New Campaign! A three chapter legacy story
  • Can now click unscouted tile to build bridge/pass
  • Night Altar map updated
  • Lifeforge Keystone map updated
  • Hook Proud update
  • Offhand poison now applies 2 poison to weapons
  • Credit snapshots now in sepia tone
  • Point light improvements
  • Split incursions are now half the size of full ones
  • Broken legacy heroes can be fixed by reloading their campaign
  • Fix a multiplayer bug where events would repeat
  • Fix a bug where percentages didn’t appear for Jigsaw event
  • Fix a bug with hook quests
  • Fix a multiplayer bug with some legacy hero recruit events
  • Fix a bug where ranged attack animations would cut off
  • Fix a bug where skeleton would get age-based tiding
  • Fixed memory leaks that caused lag and crashes over time
  • Fix a bug where Ecthis ch4 event wouldn’t occur
  • Fix a bug where stat buffs from history lines weren’t correct
  • Fix some credits comics that could show dead heroes
  • Fix some typos
  • Tools: Added auto-match option to comic editor, for testing
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