Wildermyth Interview

Worldwalker Games’ Wildermyth left early access last year, and since then it has cemented itself as a fairly unique example of procedurally-generated storytelling. And if you’d like to know how this game came to be, you should check out this recent Rock Paper Shotgun interview with Worldwalker’s founders.

Here’s a quick excerpt to get you started:

“All three of us had been playing X-COM a lot,” says Nate, who co-owns Worldwalker Games with Annie, and is the primary programmer on the project. “And we love the stories that are generated. But we wanted a lot more detail about the soldiers.” Nate and Annie were both working for Riot Games at the time, while Doug was finishing college. But the three got together at thanksgiving one year and sketched out the rough idea of what would become Wildermyth. “Part of the inspiration was to just to take some of those ideas, and some improvements that we wanted to make, and put it into a fantasy setting, because we felt like that would fit better.”

One of those improvements was to character progression, for which Nate was inspired by his work on League Of Legends. “One of the things that I really love about League Of Legends is the champ roster, and how different all of the League of Legends champs look and feel and play,” he says. “That’s something I really wanted to bring into our game, where it was about telling origin stories for all these crazy heroes where they start off as farmers but like somewhere along the line something happens… and they’re transformed in these really visual ways.”

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