Why Sierra Must Die

This rather depressing statement comes straight from Edge Online, who think Sierra has seen its best days.

Al Lowe, the mastermind behind Sierra’s lauded Leisure Suit Larry franchise, agrees that “Sierra” should be laid upon the funeral pyre. The impassioned Lowe told Edge, “For years, Sierra has been nothing more than a logo slapped on whatever box [Vivendi Games] thought it would help sell better. It was ‘Sierra’ in name only. They allowed the brand to wither into meaninglessness.”

Asked what he thinks should happen to the Sierra label, he replied, “Why not do to [the brand] what [its owners] did to the people who created it?”

It’s easy to get sentimental when poring over Sierra’s old catalog: King’s Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Gabriel Knight and other games stir nostalgic feelings. “Sierra On-Line” was the house that adventure built, with fabled founders Ken and Roberta Williams the main architects. The label meant something.

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