Why I’m Excited For the Nintendo Switch Lite

Lets face it, the Nintendo Switch is an innovative masterpiece in the gaming industry. A console-portable hybrid that you can play on your TV and take it to the bathroom with you in a jiffy and a machine that reflects the great innovation Nintendo has always been known for. By now you can tell I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy and you can also imagine how excited I was to hear about the Switch Lite.


Now not everyone was happy with the Switch Lite given that most people had a Switch Plus type of upgrade in their minds much like the PS4 and the upgrade to PS4 Pro. The main different with the OG Switch and the Switch Lite will be the fact that the Switch Lite will be a completely handheld system and of course the design of the system has a little shuffle to it. The standard model’s left-side buttons have been replaced with a traditional D-Pad, and the speakers have moved from the front of the console to the bottom.

The standard Nintendo Switch is compatible with all games that have released for it so far. The Nintendo Switch Lite can play any Switch games which support handheld mode. For games that do not support handheld mode, players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers to the Switch Lite and effectively create a makeshift tabletop setup. But if you’re using the Joycon controllers you’ll have to find a different way to charge them since they cannot be charged with the Switch Lite, Maybe an accessory will roll out for that but well have wait and see.

The Nintendo Switch Lite does not include a dock, HDMI cable, or kickstand like the original model. Instead, the box will simply contain the console and an AC adaptor. Here are some differences between the Switch and the Switch Lite.

Nintendo SwitchNintendo Switch Lite
Weight 88lbs with the Joy-Con attached 61lbs
Screen 6.2″ touchscreen, 720p 5.5″ touchscreeen, 720p
Battery Life approx. 2.5 – 6.5 hours approx. 3 – 7 hours
Storage 32GB 32GB

Now lets get to the fact of why I’m excited for the Lite even though the differences are not that big or drastic at all. You can say this is more like a personal feel kinda thing but there are people out there that feel the same way. Now I love my 3DSXL, I have the Hyrule edition one which I still use to play my Zelda games today and I love it. Now given the fact that the Switch is a console portable hybrid which is great I do prefer a Switch model that is solely handheld, its a very small and personal thing but you get what I mean at least I hope you do. It just makes me feel better at playing something portable on a portable only system where as If I play portable on the Switch, I feel that urge to change to dock mode now and then. It would’ve been amazing if the Lite could play 3DS games but I like the 3D too much to complain.

And now for the more general reasons. Colors and versions. The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available in yellow, grey, or turquoise at launch, and a Special Pokémon Edition has been revealed for a November release and of course more to come. I would drop my money in a second on a Legend of Zelda version of a Switch lite.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches on 20th September 2019. Personally, I’m going to wait for a Zelda version of the system which is basically inevitable but for those that are getting it at launch, might wanna decide which color to choose for that shiny new Nintendo machine.

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Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan

Maruf Hasan, mixed Middle Eastern, grew up in Florida, but still doesn’t like the sun. Currently living in Malaysia perusing a degree in Animation. He’s been a fan of video games since he started with Pokémon Red and pays a lot of attention to the music and art style because that’s what he loves most about them. Totally a story-oriented gamer and totally a Nintendo fan boy, The Legend of Zelda is his favorite series and will be until the sun burns out.

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