What LucasArts Should be Doing

Gaming Nexus ponders LucasArts’ gaming assets to make a list of what games they should be working on, including the inevitable Star Wars: KotOR III.

Lucasarts has one hell of an RPG franchise on their hands and they shouldn’t let it wither and die the way they did with the Jedi Knight series. Rumors of a KOTOR MMO have been brewing for years, and now it looks like they might come true. If so, it’ll be a great replacement for the troubled Star Wars Galaxies, but if you ask me, it’s not the proper way to end the series. The previous two KOTORs deserve a third installment in their character-driven, plot-centric epic.

KOTOR 1 blended Bioware’s top notch RPG skills with the best Star Wars story since the Empire Strikes Back, practically topping (Luke I am your father) in the stunning revelations department. KOTOR 2 made the gameplay a lot deeper and more intuitive, but it was so rushed that the whole last act of the game was chopped out. What we got was a great sequel by gameplay standards, but with a crippled ending that couldn’t hold a candle to KOTOR 1’s plot.

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