Wartales Roadmap Update

Hot on the heels of this recent community update, Shiro Games brings us an early access roadmap for their mercenary RPG Wartales. In short, we should expect a major content update in March, another one around summer, and then more updates further down the line.

Check out the link above for the actual roadmap, and here’s a quick overview of the game’s first planned content update:

With the release of our second community update earlier this week, our sights are now firmly set on Wartales’ first content update that will introduce Harag’s Marshlands, alongside a plethora of other additions and we have outlined our plans for what we will be bringing to the game in Content Update #2 and beyond, including more regions, level cap increases, Chinese language support and more!

So, with that, we have now updated our roadmap to reflect what’s planned for the next 2 content updates (Community Updates will be released in between these updates, based on the feedback receieved after release) and give you all a glimpse into what to expect even further down the line.

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