Warlords Battlecry III Diary #2

The second installment of RPGVault’s Warlords Battlecry III diary with Infinite Interactive’s Steve Fawkner is now available. This time, Steve talks about the “magic moments” that are experienced when developing a game. Take a look:

I sometimes feel that some games try to add their content too early (by content I mean their levels and/or maps). It is good to work steadily through the development cycle of a game, but any work that is done too early (particularly artwork) quite often ends up inferior to later work because it is not taking advantage of the game’s features. Our experiment was to leave the Warlords Battlecry III campaign as late as humanly possible, so that we could really take advantage of all the game’s features when we created it.

And so, our design team has spent many long nights since Christmas making maps, creating conversations and setting up special events for the story. And I realized as I built a version for our testers tonight that I could actually play it all the way through for the first time ever… a magic moment.

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