Warlords Battlecry III Battle Report

IGN PC has put together a new article that details a battle between three races in Warlords Battlecry III. An excerpt to follow:

After converting the mines in his own base, Nero made a quick grab for a group of mines near Grunge’s base. This first attempt was successful, but hindsight reveals that perhaps he should have left it there and returned back home. Grunge’s Plaguelords began to harass Nero with Ghouls and Slimes, constantly diseasing the poor Dwarf. Instead of returning home to lick his wounds and defend against the Orcs, a typical bout of Dwarven pride seemed to force Nero to continue with his plan and keep trying to convert mines. This unfortunately meant that his mana was being depleted from constant healing spells and that he had soon burned through his supply of healing potions.

Nero’s Dwarves also began making a dash to build their College and Brewery, so that they could start getting Runelords, Khazrimi Guard, and Berserkers into the game, their more powerful troops. Sadly, Krusha decided that this was simply not to be. Using a combination of Goblin Chiefs and Goblin Towers, she recruited a large posse of lemming-like Goblins and inundated poor Nero’s base with them. They may have died in their hundreds, but they effectively slowed down Nero’s ability to build his base to where it needed to be. From an Orc’s point of view, that’s exactly what Goblins are for.

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