Warlords Battlecry III Battle Report #2

IGN PC has posted a second installment to their Warlords Battlecry III battle report feature, detailing another battle with Infinite’s Steve and Janeen Fawkner. An excerpt to follow:

The island of Zhur is circular. Gulac and the Undead start in the middle, well protected by a ring of lava and some cliffs, while the other four sides (three Minotaur & one Empire) start on the edge. To offset their precarious starting location (right in the middle of everybody else), the Undead begin play with Gulac, a level 18 Liche and an extra tower. None of the Minotaur sides are allied – they all want the jawbone for themselves!

The Jawbone of Sartek map will be made freely available for download after Battlecry III’s release in May. It will be on the official website: www.warlordsbattlecry3.com and also on Infinite Interactive’s homepage www.infinite-interactive.com

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